Official News Site:

This website has been chosen to publish the official news. Also featuring recent interviews with former Ants, picture galleries, MP3's and video, a must-read!

Fan Sites:

the Family of Noise
... a new independent Adam and The Ants website. The Family of Noise was born from the idea that an Ant fan website should represent its followers and participants. A website 'of the Antpeople, by the Antpeople, and for the Antpeople' if you will. The Family of Noise is an expression of freedom.
Carty News Now! The most up-to-date Ant, Marco and Carty news
Cartrouble.nl This is where Ant fans hang out to share their misheard Ant Lyrics, or to see who's been covering Ant songs, or even to see if a new Carty remix has been thrown into cyberspace!!!
<<ANTMUSIC>> Simon's extensive Ant Discography
Steve's Ant blog, regularly updated with news and rare MP3's
Formicula's Antmusic Site A website dedicated to ADAM & THE ANTS / ADAM ANT and ANTPEOPLE
Also home of the German Ant-Forum
Mice In Free Fall By AntFanatic & AntzFever, the Collecting Couple. Loads of rarities!
NedermieR Creator of Adam-Ant.startpagina.nl, drinker of buttermilk, and more.
GretaX.com Most known for its Red Scab Ant-tattoo section
Ants Invasion North American Adam and the Ants Tribute band
adam-ant.startpagina.nl Just about every link related to Adam and the Ants on the net.
Antcomics! Amy draws Adam and the Ants comics. They became a big hit with the Adam Ant fans so she decided to stick them on their own site.


Interactive Sites:

INSECT NATIØN A forum for Ant discussion:
 Insect Natiøn Mailing List
Insect Natiøn's little email brother
AntRap! An interactive message board enabling you to chat with Antfans worldwide! Part of adam-ant.net
Carty Inc. This is the place to learn about the different mixes and versions of all things Ant. Some are widely available...others are more exclusive.
Deutsches Adam Ant Forum German language forum, part of Formicula's Site
The Wolfmen Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou's band
Only Lovers Left Alive Marco Pirroni's record label, with its own forum. R-rated!
Shift CD About Chris "Merrick" Hughes' CD, and about him as a producer
The FIXX Gary Tibbs' current band


Ant Merchandise:

adamantstore Umesh Mistry's Ant eBay store
Antshirts for Forumpeople Part of Formi's German Forum, BEAUTIFUL stuff!
Ant Fun:
Ant Memory Game Created by Formi, and very addictive! It's in German, but easy to understand for the non-Germans amongst you
Ant eCards Again by Formi, again in German, but don't let that stop you!

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